Why is it THE solution?

Well, tallow is the end result of melting down the fat surrounding a cow's kidneys, which is called beef suet or leaf fat. This type of fat is packed with numerous nutrients. The process of creating tallow involves melting the suet and refining the fat, which is extremely time-consuming. Once the melting and refining is complete, a beautiful golden-yellow oil is produced, which solidifies into a waxy substance when cooled to room temperature. Historically, tallow has been utilized for cooking, making soap, creating skin ointments, manufacturing candles, and even functioning as an industrial lubricant. While applying beef fat to your face may seem daunting, it is actually an ancient skincare practice that has been used for generations. Although not many people are familiar with tallow, it is becoming increasingly popular. We source our tallow exclusively from organic farms that engage in regenerative farming practices, and only from cattle that are raised on pasture and allowed to graze on grass for their entire lives. The reason pasture-raised cattle is so important is because when they consume anything other than their natural diet, such as conventionally produced grain, soy, and corn, the toxins from their food and environment accumulate in their fat, which is used to create tallow. Therefore, we guarantee that all of our tallow comes from 100% grass-fed cattle raised on regenerative farms. Additionally, grass-fed tallow contains higher levels of micronutrients, vitamins, and minerals than tallow from conventionally raised cows.

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