Who are we?

Both of us, Daniel and Dana, are a young couple trying our best to live healthy, vibrant lives. Once we learned that a lot of what we thought we knew was false (i.e. traditional food pyramid), we set out on this quest.

True healthful practices are not at all common, in fact, they seem almost hidden. Tallow as skincare is one such example... it is by far the most superior form of caring for your skin, but we spent most of our lives not knowing it even existed! It makes little to no sense that most of us apply a myriad of different creams on our faces, laden with chemicals, without even being aware of this superior, time-tested alternative.

It is certainly difficult to broadcast this message. With your help we will spread this healthful knowledge, and expand beyond tallow... we're talking: natural toothpaste, deoderant, shampoo, linen and cotton clothing lines, and more!

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